this could happen to you have your chimney cleanned and inspected before any new installations

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I know I have warned about this practice but the owners of this house were not members of Hearthnet. Last week a chimney fire occurred in the town of Franklin. Yes Creosote was present and ignited. Seemingly all the right install practices were made. In- stall a ht 2100 ss liner and block off the exit top. Using the liner satisfied the. cross-sectional code requirement with the fireplace install. One important part of the process was overlooked, the need to clean the chimney before the liner install. That’s right creosote got knocked off during the liner install and rested against the liner on top of the old damper. The liner pipe got hot enough to touch a huge volume of creosote and flames shot out the chimney for 20’ the chimney top got so hot the bricks and mortar disintegrated plus the fire dept knocked the remaining part over. The worse was yet to come a decision had to be made as the fire dept feared it could loose the home. They knew if cold water hit the intense hot brick fireplace it would instantly collapse. They also knew this was no ordinary chimney fire that should have blown itself out. A real fear of touching off the entire house. The home was saved but quite a mess removing the rubble where the chimney once stood. Naturally lawsuits will follow. The liner installer should have never installed the liner in a chimney latent with Creosote. He has no excuse to fall back on


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Jan 23, 2006
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WOW, i will print that and hang it in my shop. It will go out with all the insert literature that i give away.


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Nov 23, 2005
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I wonder if the installer washes his hands before he takes a .......poop

Just imagine if that happened at night.
Off-topic but not really:
I was thinking of getting a mirror and arranging it so that it shows the chimney at my bedroom window (if I had a 6 foot stick I could touch my chimney from our bedroom) the window is on my side of the bed.

I have already discussed the parking lot mirrors on a tree with the boss too


I presented only the details provide to me. I do not have anymore details. This is not the town I inspect in. I guess this was one intense fire as it sounded like a jet engine. We also had a wood stove fire last week. The stove heated a large green house. Combustiables wood supply was about a foot away with newspapers stacked on top of kindling. Old fashion green house with wood structure holding the glass panels in place. This one was a separate building not attached to anything. totaled.
Then there was the chainsaw incident a rather large 30" maple, was dropped threw a garage colapsing the roof and structure
The walls colaspsed and totaled the vintage clasic 1967 Vett and the bass tracker boat. We the building inspectors, were called to confirm the ovious, condemation of what was left to the garage. Got to love this setup the tree is leaning towards the garage. all the branches are on the garage side. The guy desides to tie a rope to his f150 and drive it till it has tension. The tree starts falling towards the garage draggs the truck 30' before the weight and force ripped off the step and tow bumper.


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Feb 16, 2006
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Elk what town did the tree go through the garage?


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What a retard? A rope to an F150 bumper? To hold a 30" maple? With branches on the garage side? I guess he had no idea that trees were that heavy. That tree must have been at least 5 times the weight of his truck. idiot.

That is why I stay away from dropping my own trees. I take what falls over or brakes off.

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