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Clarkbug Posted By Clarkbug, Oct 5, 2012 at 6:10 PM

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    Hello All.

    Well, its supposed to get below freezing this weekend, so I guess I should think about finally fixing up my system... ;em

    As some of you may know/remember, I had my Varm piped up last year by a local installer that was recommended to me. The intent was to use the Tarm PT-1 piping diagram (modified slightly), and instead I ended up with something like the Solo 4 install.... I attached a cut-out of my piping schematic showing how things are piped near my oil boiler.

    My circs are piped on the return side from the house, and the lines coming in from the left hand side of the drawing are from my storage tanks. So the cold water is blending with my nice hot storage, and then getting sent out to the house. Then the blended water is also coming back into the storage and messing up my stratification. There is a tempering valve in there that is intended to help with that problem, but it will still send 140 degree water back to the bottom of my tanks.

    So I am wondering what the best way to hook things back up would be. My thought is to get a Taco Twin Tee and hook it to the outlet of the oil boiler. That way I dont have my hottest water keeping the boiler warm, and no/minimal blending of my nice hot storage water. Plus I get the cold stuff back at the bottom of my storage.

    Not happy that it will involve cutting up my nice new pipes, but I also want the system to work more efficiently. It did keep us warm all last winter from January on, and eventually the loop warms up enough that its not a problem. But it only really works well when the boiler is still firing, otherwise it really reduces my storage capacity.

    Also, the installer that put it in said that he couldnt just reverse the connection from storage (meaning, the outlet of pump C-1 connected to the supply side of the oil boiler, and vice versa) because of fighting pumps. The twin tee would eliminate any problems there (I think), but I just wanted to get anyone elses thoughts on it before I throw good money after bad.

    Boiler Piping Schematic - Broken-Model.jpg

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