To wet to cover the woodpiles ;(

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Minister of Fire
Hearth Supporter
Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
After an early dry spell in the spring, June has been a wet one in my area of New England. I normally build covers over my wood piles especially in summer but I was short some spare covering material due to using it up to cover some piles of stacked boards from sawmilling. I started using clear corrugated PVC a couple of years ago and it works well. I picked some up the other day and now waiting for dry spell to get it installed along with bunch of other dry weather projects. One of the other project is to get my jumbo white pine logs quartered up and to my friends sawmill but the ground is too juicy to move them around.

I am also seeing it in my solar production, I was down 20% for June, normally a good month for production.

No doubt it will turn around and get hot soon.
I heard today that July is expected to be wet as well. It sucks as I was planning building a wood shed and it’s not fun in the rain to be cutting and working on the roof.
We had a good day today at Echo lake SP. finished there the day in the pool at Attatash with a light sprinkle. We got to do Diannas baths on Saturday. Yesterday it just rained. Can’t buy an umbrella or poncho in all of North Conway after this weekend ;) We spent Thursday at the beach in ME and they closed it to swimming because the fog was so think they could hardly see to the breakers. Hope the weather holds out so we can do Santa’s Village on the 5th.

Can’t see how much drying is happening when dog leaves moisture on the screens of open windows.