Too much air??

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New Member
Dec 16, 2023

My name is Adam colella. I have a blaze king princess purchased 7 years ago. This season I noticed with the air flow at 3 o'clock there is alot of flames in the firebox and not operating as normal alot of coal build up. I checked the door gaskets several times and nothing no gaps, I even tightened the retainer nut to the door to be sure and still have an issue with a lot of air getting into the box. I burn kiln dried firewood the only way to get the flames to go out is to cut it off past the 3 o'clock position, however the stalls the catalyst. Could their be an issue with the air controller? I replaced the CAT just to be sure but didnt solve my issue. maybe the bypass gasket needs to be replaced? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Adam Colella.
Kiln dried firewood can have highly variable moisture content. Do you have a moisture meter? Do you know if the species has changed? Same size splits? Any extra pitch pockets?