Touch-up stove paint

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Woodcutter Tom

Feeling the Heat
Apr 28, 2019
Northern Illinois
Does anyone know where to buy a few ounces (1 - 3) of brush-on high temp stove paint? I want to be able to touch up a few scratches or small patches. Looking for something like the automobile touch up containers with a brush.
I have seen 16 ounce cans. I don't need anywhere near that amount.
A spray can would be too messy for what I want to do.
What type of stove do you have? Many manufacturers offer small touch up containers, the size of a fingernail polish bottle for enamel chip repair. If it’s not enamel, you can still use a “rattle” can. Simply spray paint on a piece of cardboard & dip a small paint brush into the paint & apply it to your stove.
I'd spray in the cap of a spray can and use a brush to transfer to the stove?

I haven't heard of brush on (or low volume) stove paint.
Thanks guys. SBI does offer 12oz spray cans for their Drolet Escapes stoves. $16 plus S & H. Looks like I'll use the spray on cardboard and brush method.
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