Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) tractor supply $233.55 w/coupon

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Scott M

Nov 3, 2012
Blairstown, NJ
Blairstown NJ Tractor Supply. Got the 10% off coupon in the mail. Good through 11/15. White bag blue letters. Same barcode as the cheat river pellets out of WV. I got a ton of those at the lowes last year. All harwood. they seem good as any other pellets to me.

Also got a ton of Natures Own hardwood softwood mix at the lowes for $259 a ton. 5% off that if you use your lowes card. $246.05


New Member
Dec 5, 2016
I bought my pellets at TSC here in KS for $189.50 a ton, premium hardwood, also white bad blue letters.

Never have burned pellets, so no idea if good or not.

found two other sources for $250 a ton, but cannot tell you the kind.

Wish I would have had the coupon....

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