Traeger GBU070

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Feb 1, 2024
South Dakota, USA
Howdy, I have Traeger furnace I'm trying to get to heat my basement. Everything seems to be functioning fine, burning fuel well, heat exchange tubes heat up good, but when the blower comes on it's sucking cold air from the basement and blowing it over the tubes and, after running all day, it hasn't heated up the basement at all. It doesn't seem like it will ever blow out enough hot air with all the cold air being sucked up from the basement. It claims it can be used as a shop furnace but again, while sucking so much cold air from the room and blowing it over the heat tubes it seems like it won't ever catch up and be able to warm up the room. Please don't judge my piping too much, I'll get a better support system in place when I can actually get this thing to work.
Traeger GBU070
Traeger GBU070
Traeger GBU070
Looking at the creosote running down the outside of your smoke pipe your burning wet wood !!!
It was that way when I bought it. I got the furnace and the pipe used. I haven't burned this furnace for more than a couple days and just can't seem to get it to run correctly. I gave everything a good cleaning, on the insides, before installing it. Thank you for the reply.
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That’s a pellet furnace, correct?

It is a corn furnace
Maybe move your post to the pellet forum
They can probably help you.