Transition plate scratches

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Oct 26, 2022
Rochester NY
Can anyone confirm for me if it is normal for the transition plate to be scratched like these pictures? I reached out to the seller and this is the response I received.

Scratches are going to happen with this plate. It’s 14-gauge SS. A full 8’ X 4’ sheet is loaded into our laser table that has metal supports on it to support the metal while the metal is cut. Placing the metal on the table for the laser to cut the metal causes these scratches along with stacking the plates on each other. The scratches do not compromise the plate. No one will see the scratches because it’s on the top of the chimney.

I'm also kind of wondering the best way to install this, do I need to unhook the liner from the stove so I can pull the liner up connect the plate, and then reconnect the stove? I can't wrap my head around trying to cut the liner at the perfect height trying to get the clamp tight with almost no time and then sealing the plate down.

Thank you in advance.

Transition plate scratches Transition plate scratches Transition plate scratches
yeah don't worry about it. It's not like it'll start to rust there. You won't see it anyway like you already pointed out
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