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rnlincourt Posted By rnlincourt, Jan 15, 2010 at 2:54 PM

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  1. rnlincourt

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    I just came across an old topic talking about turkey fryers from 08' and wanted to know if anyone had updates on their experiences.
    My buddy and I (raiderfan) fryed 2 turkeys for X-mas and although the 1st one was over cooked we redused the cooking time for the second one and it was perfect. We also filtered the oil to get more uses out of it. One bit of advice- make sure the oil isn't cold when trying to strain- it will turn into a 45 minute job for something that should take 5!
    Also- we are frying a pork roast this weekend and saw in that older thread someone else had done that. Anyone have good experience with this?
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    Best Experiences:
    1. Prime Rib -pretty much same as turkey ~ 3+- mins/lb, maybe slightly longer than turkey/lb - very crispy exterior, med/rare inside. If you are hungry and want it fast, THE way to go. It was "dynomite"!

    2. Seafood fest, party gathered 'round the fryer, two different batches of batter, one wet and one dry. Wet batter was better, but more goop on the hands. Had scallops, shrimp, oysters, soft shelled crabs. All were excellent.

    3. Always have finished off the frying with potato chips or steak fries, as I read somewhere they help remove some of the water which retains the flavors from the oil. Plus 30 sec potato chips are tough to beat. Always a party favorite.

    4. Cajun Turkey: Injected a couple days ahead with cajun butter, and rubbed with cajun spices. Most folks have liked this, but can throw a curve to the traditional (North East) thanksgiving crowd.

    Worst Experiences:
    1. Dealing with the oil and pot cleanup. I think I would buy a SMALLER pot with a drain faucet, rather than trying to siphon/pour. A friend of mine covers his with foil and a lid, in a cool garage, and reuses it for weeks....
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