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    Hello! We are installing a freestanding woodstove (Lopi Endeavor) in our family room. Currently the wall in that area is constructed of 5/8" fire-rated drywall directly attached to the studs. What are our options as far as providing wall protection directly behind the stove. Does anyone manufacture UL approved stove shields that can be mounted on the existing wall? Is it possible to forgo the wall protection if the stove is equipped with heat shields? Do you have a source or guidelines for the actual construction of a brick or brick veneer surround? We have found your web site to be very helpful. Finding information locally has proven quite difficult. Much thanks in advance for any information that you can send our way.


    Dear Friends,

    many of the options are discussed at https://www.hearth.com/what/installstove.html

    The 5/8 fire code sheetrock does nothing to reduce clearances. As fasr as a stove heat shield, this depends on whether the manufacturer (LOPI) makes one for it. There are no generic shields that mount on the rear of stoves.

    Different wall possibilities are

    1. Brick - usually laid with a 1" air space between the wall and brick. This cuts clearances by 50% or more to the original wall.

    2. Sheet metal spaced 1" - reduces by up to 66% - doesn't look so good.

    3. Cement board - Durarock or wonderboard - spaced from wall - tile can be placed on this or it can be stuccoed or painted...reduces 50%

    4. Factory-Built panels - Made by companies like Yoder ((800)829-5470), R-CO PRODUCTS CORPORATION ((800)854-7657) and others

    Construction details are often given in the stove manual or code book from your local inspector.
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