Update on mid-season sweep

BobUrban Posted By BobUrban, Jan 16, 2013 at 7:17 PM

  1. BobUrban

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    I mentioned in an earlier thread that once I swept my chimney I would report findings. Well the findings were so minimal I have little to report. Very pleased with how this stove eats wood compared to my smoke dragon last season. Partly this is because I have 1 more year of CSS'd wood and partly I am sure it is the stove.

    16ish feet straight up through the house from the 30 and I got less than a cup of brown powder and there was some bubbly black crust on top of the baffles(I clean from the inside) I am pretty sure the black stuff is fall back from the cap as I can hear is now and then and actually expected a lot more.

    Last year I got a lot more drippy stuff from the cap so I must be doing something right.

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  2. Lumber-Jack

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    Yep, sounds pretty typical for an average burner. I clean about twice a year, and have never got less than 1 cup, sometimes as much as two cups, but 90% of it is build up is at the very top of my 25 ft chimney. That's the coldest and most exposed part of my chimney and the only place where it gets cold enough for creosote to condense.
    I have a smoke dragon stove in the garage, the only way i can get long burns out there is to choke it down with smoldering fires, and yet that chimney stays cleaner than the new EPA stove chimney in the house, but that's because it has a lot shorter 14 ft chimney. The smoke doesn't get a chance to cool down like it does on the one in the house.
    The length of the chimney and how cool it can get has a lot to do with how much creosote build up you get.
  3. BrotherBart

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    I have a 21' liner and I get probably twice that amount of powder twice a season. I don't measure it I just toss it in the woods. Downwind.

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