Upgrading a 30 year old Whitfield Advantage bushing to Nylatron!

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Minister of Fire
Hearth Supporter
Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
This old Whitfield MFD = 1990 missed the Dr. Upgrade letter sent to the dealers to trash the the old common oil impregnated bronze bushing used in many applications but not the best bushing for a wood pellet stove!

The old bronze bushing was scored and gauged so the bushing turned freely in the auger end plate! Then the stove was not used for atleased 1.5 years so the pellets in the hopper swelled from moisture then stuck together to create a nice stiff auger jam!! LOL
The new black permanently lubricated Nylatron Black bushing comes with a special made end plate which is an aftermarket part but made especially for the Whitfield pellet stoves!
Now the auger turns like butter!
Anyone else do this??

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