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    Hello, I just purchased an upland model: 207-33-3947 at least that is what is on the Id plate on the back left of the stove. I was wondering if your upland expert could give me any information on this stove. Looking for any info such as burn time,btu's,age etc..There is no paperwork with the stove. I plan to install it in a camp up in Maine, the stove is in very good condition,doesn't seem to have been used a whole lot. I think it was more of a center piece than a heat source. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.


    Its a nice stove for your camp. It burns 24" long logs and can easily burn overnight on a a full load. There are two movable baffles, which should be slid AWAY from the air control (door) end of the stove and lodged tight against the far end. The logs will then use the front to back method of burning explained in the specific information section at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html

    Most Uplands were built in 1978-1981 - with a smaller amount built up until 1986. It uses a 7" stove pipe, which is not as common as the 6" and *", but you should be able to find it around.

    A screen was available for this model, as it could be used with the doors open.
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