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    I recently moved into a home which has an Upland model 107-33-2141. I
    would like as much information as possible about the stove. Is there anywhere can get a manual on the stove? Is there anywhere to get parts? None of my local wood stove retailers have any. The door latch is broken and I would like to put glass doors on it.
    Would I be better served by just replacing it? Other than the door latch it seems to be in great shape.


    Parts may be available. Try the folks at Applied Energy (401)738-2915.

    It's a decent stove, and you should be able to either get..or possibly make parts for it. The glass door might be tough to get...they did make one, but at this point it could be difficult to find. Ask the folks at Applied Energy - they would know.
    They also may have a manual. If you don't run into any luck, email back and I'll dig up some other sources.

    The model is simply called the Upland 107. The company was in Upstate NY, but went bust in the mid-80's. I bought the leftovers and started making the stoves here in Medford, NJ. I then sold the company (in 1988) to the folks at Applied Energy).
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