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    I have an Upland (Model 207) wood stove in my house that I bought recently. Craig, I noticed in the archives of this discussion group that you might have some info on this stove. An owner's manual would be a great help. Thanks!


    Could be tough to get at this point. I have seen the owners manual for that stove and it isn't much to speak of, so you're not missing much. The stove had 36" clearances to walls, and has two baffle plates. When being used as a closed stove the plate should be moved toward the far end (from the draft) of the stove. If and when the stove is used with the screen (open front door), one baffle is moved toward the draft control to allow the smoke a quick way up the chimney.

    It takes 7" pipe and the crimped end will ovalize into the oval receptacle on the top or rear of the stove. A little furnace cement will fill any space there.

    The large rear plate of the stove often developed cracks, and for this reason there should be cast iron liners on the rear wall. If the crack is hairline, then you can patch from the inside with furnace cement and it should be fine.

    That is most of what you need to know about the 207.
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