US Stove 6039 -manual draft and oak

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Mt Bob

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Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
I call,bullshi@, what is your (draft door ).No pics,does not exist. They made a zilloin of these cheapo stoves,to compete with England"s mulitifule stoves,sold in farm stores,and many are out there,preforming fine.


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Oct 31, 2017
Au Sable Forks, NY
what is your (draft door ).No pics,does not exist.
He is taking about the manual slide draft below the burn pot, you can see the handle in his picture he posted.


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Feb 7, 2010
S.E. Michigan
Not even going to comment on Bare's post. I consider that 100% trolling and uncalled for.
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Oct 25, 2010
Titletown U.S.A
To the OP. In post #15 you said the board had been reset? Is this true?

If you haven't by now get a note book and take notes every time you change something.

About the only thing that others (you've been in the finest hands available) haven't covered here is since in another post you said that you changed the HR low pph setting to 1.75pph? Is that correct? And the HR high feed was 6pph?

You know how to look at and change those HR settings. You need to look at the DF (draft fan settings) the same way except use the AUX and DF up and down buttons. Post those numbers here for us to see. If we can change those it might make a difference but don't do it until we see the numbers.

The only thing that I can think of is that the DF is either way out of speed adjustment and there is enough direct fresh air with the damper hole being directly under the burn pot. And the DF is moving, just enough to help the natural draft at the manual draft to get a decent burn.

Or it's a board issue. Later if you change the DF numbers and the board either doesn't change or only changes until you change the HR then it's probably the board.
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