USS Stove Model 6041hf - error code ERR3

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New Member
Sep 12, 2023
Getting ERR3 error code. hopper has pellets. Have replaced micro switch for the hopper. If i jump the hopper switch i get dashes —- across the display. Also tech mode: AUGR - room fan light is ON & on button is ON.
Was the auger working feeding pellets into the fire pot? ER 3 is fire did not get hot enough to start room blower. Sometimes auger jam , auger hair pin broken or pellets bridge/jam in down shoot to fire pot.
No not feeding for some reason. I went into tech mode and can hear the pellets feeding. I’m stumped. I’ve replaced fuses, control board new, tried jumping hopper switch- ERR3
Light on just means it is getting power, is it dropping pellets? How much pellets is in burn pot when it gives you Err 3 code. Over full or empty? or regular amount and fire looks good? If fire looks same as it usually does your low limit switch could be going bad. There is a hair pin that connects auger motor to auger sometimes they break and auger will not turn or turn every once in a while
Check the bottom of your hopper, is it full of fines (sawdust) the bottom of hopper and the auger tube can sometimes become so packed that only a few pellets get through at a time.