USS Stove Model 6041 HF still getting error code ERR3. Stove lights as it should but stove goes out & i get ERR3

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New Member
Sep 12, 2023
I’ve been fighting with this stove since i bought it last year - only paid $300 for it & beginning to think i got screwed!

I have replaced the following:
Auger - several times….. auger where holes are snaps off
Auger motor
Control board
Micro hopper switch
I’ve replaced One of limit switches but i don’t remember which one.

Please help - Im a single mom so it’s just me working on it. If you tell me to jump this & that please give me instructions on how to do that.

I’ve checked the sticky posts.
I put stove in tech mode and i get these results. I have the 4 top buttons model control board. I did this when stove cold.
DRIFT: draft light lit & heat range light lit.
RFAN: Rm fan lit & heat range light lit.
AUGR: Heat range button ON & on button ON
IGN: Heat range ON & Auto button is ON
SNAP: Heat range ON & on button ON
STAT: heat range ON & on button ON
HOPPER: heat range ON & on button ON

HELP! I’ve read so many comments & manuals - I just don’t know what to do/check/new parts next. Thank you