Vacu-stack Lets Rain Leak In - Help, Please

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Oct 20, 2011
Peyton, Colorado
Hi Folks -

We need advice. We are getting ready to hook up the new Nordica Milly in the house we've been building for 3 years and have finally moved into. The stove pipe goes up through the center of the room. The Vacu-stack is already in place. The metal roofing folks installed it for us. We've never been on the metal roof, and hope to never have to.

The problem is that we've observed it in many different weather conditions, and it leaks badly in certain situations. Wind driven rain is the worst, and we get that a lot when we have rain. There is lots of wind all year round. The moisture tends to come in widely spaced, large doses.

We had another Vacu-stack in another house in a windy place, and had no issues at all. But now it seems the water will drain into the stove. That seems like a disaster waiting to happen. We can't allow that, can we? The stove will be used occasionally, not as a primary heat source.

Can anyone helps us understand what we can do to correct this? Do we need a different type of cap for windy locations? Is it possibly just in the worst possible position for our prevailing winds? As I said, we have no idea exactly how it is oriented. Just what we can see from the ground. Any help is much appreciated.

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