Vacu Stack ?

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Dec 5, 2021
Hey All,
In the beginning when i was working through stove and chimney set up issues one thing I had added was a Vacu Stack 6" cap in hopes it would help with draft issues. Long story short my chimney was not tall enough to draft properly so now I'm sitting around 22 feet total run and all is well stove performance wise. The chimney is located in the back of the house which there is a valley that brings heavy wind to the house (no trees around so full wind gets through), the chimney extends a little over 7 feet from the nearest (within 10 feet) roof line.

I now know the vacu stack is more often than not really not needed even in higher wind areas and could potentially hurt draft. The question is what would you do, remove the cap and put a standard one on and get possibly better performance out of the set up or leave it alone since everything works well currently? I know i can also run up there and perform my acrobatics to take the vacu stack off and see if that changes the performance before i buy another cap but is that even worth it and should i just replace the vacu stack? thanks
That's good news. Now, if it ain't broke...