VC Intrepid II 1308 Lost Bolt Question

deenibeeni Posted By deenibeeni, Oct 6, 2012 at 6:11 PM

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    Hi all. First, click my avatar


    to see how I am feeling about this lost bolt.

    Haven't gotten an answer yet & getting a little nervous since we're looking at the possibility of snow up here on Tuesday. Let me re post the question.

    I just replaced the catalytic combustor and refractory assembly and all the gaskets, everything went great & the stove is back together. Except one bolt. I took off the lower right hand acorn nut (looking at the back of the stove) and the bolt on the inside has fallen into the stove. I cannot see a way to get to it from the inside. :oops:

    I cannot see what it is holding together, even on the exploded diagram. The top one holds the damper housing and middle one the upper fireback, but I can't see what this one is holding on the inside. I am actually wondering if I can put the same size bolt in from the outside just to keep it airtight rather than take the entire stove apart, which I'm really not in the mood for--at least, not until I know I absolutely have to.

    The last stove store went out of business up here, so there's no one I can really ask in person. I have calls in to a couple of online stores but no answers yet.

    Please Help!

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    What does this bolt secure?

    If you shine a bright light from the outside at the bolt hole, can you see it shining in the interior of the stove? Open up the bypass and look down it too. If so, I would just insert a new bolt.

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