VC Older Encore 0028 Secondary Air Control??

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That is the primary air control

That is actually the internal side of the primary air control.
It has a coil as well that closes the primary air door a bit as the stove heats up.
He is talking about the secondary air control, different part.
Ah I see. Good catch on that, and sorry for the misdirection.
I've never gotten any definitive answer on secondary air control of my stove. I've emailed VC, I've gone through Amazon and they refereed the message to VC and both attempts get me an email and a case # and all they say is contact a dealer. I've called dealers in a few different states and no answer. My local dealer attempted to help, took the case # but didn't have any more info than I had. I've even been referred to a stove repair but he didn't have any more info. No one had any clue or answer about the coil going past 6 o'clock and reopening the secondary shutter.
What I find interesting is it has happened to me twice so far that I have seen. Both times I found the shutter reopened by the spring going to the other side the cat temps were dropping with the shutter reopened. Last night the cat was at 1500+ and the shutter had opened and I did nothing and the cat temp was dropping.
I would love to find the correct info about this control, it's designed operation and what position it should be in at certain temps.