VC Resolute Acclaim re-installation

LiteWait Posted By LiteWait, Sep 27, 2011 at 4:09 PM

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    Nov 14, 2008
    We've got a QuadraFire Castille insert in the fireplace. Father-in-law has Resolute Acclaim he just replaced with gas stove and I want to install it in the room over the garage. I've read through the manual and pretty sure it's doable. The room has its ceiling as the roof itself with about 4 foot walls at each end where the roof slopes. I want to install it on the far wall away from the house. This means a short run (top exit install) to the roof and I guess pick up a stainless steel external chimney run with a neck to seal it on the roof. A couple of quick questions before I decide to do this:

    1. Should I attempt to install it myself or should I hire someone?

    2. If I hire someone what roughly should I expect to pay (might dictate #1)?

    3. What is the chimney-rise rule for a slanted roof installation?

    4. It looks like un-protected, no heat shield, top exit says 2ft to wall and at least 2ft above stove as safe clearance, does that sound right?

    5. What are my options for floor material, I am think slate/bluestone since the whole room is wide-plank pine, make sense?

    Thanks for any input you have!
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    This can be done by yourself if you have reasonable carpentry skills and are patient. But do take time to learn a bit about the stove and installation. The Acclaim was not a high point for VC. It's a pretty stove, but maintenance intensive, especially the older model. Be sure to check out the refractory assembly before moving this heavy stove. If it's shot, the replacement will be costly and good for about 5 yrs? depending on use.

    Head to the Main Information articles for info about installing a woodstove. Also, the pipe makers, like DuraVent have good installation manuals on their website. You would be installing a cathedral ceiling support box from the sound of it. Be sure about that clearance above the stove. 2 ft sounds very low. Usually it is much higher.
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