VC Vigilant 1977 (likely made in 81) no thermostat questions

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Aug 25, 2023
I recently picked up a used VC Vigilant. It was missing some parts but for the price i was fine with that. I bought a used thermostat, cover and thermostat door. I went to install the thermostat and it looks like the mounting hole was never drilled out at all. Same for the screwhole that would hold the thermostat cover. Did this stove ever come without a thermostat? Anyone have a good picture of how it mounts? I am guessing it is just drill and tap.

Thanks for any advice!
I would say no. Here is a pic of a recent acquisition. The thermo is screwed into a threaded bump out. The cover is bolted to a threaded screw hole of the left of thermo. In this case, the cover was removed so a spacer could be bolted on for a rear heat shield.

AD15C403-F844-4275-9984-B0D24E3AF6B2.jpeg C6A317C8-C0A9-4418-A7E9-B196136A8BBD.jpeg
Thank you! I got it figured out. It seems that my Vigilant was never drilled and tapped for the thermostat or the cover.

It is now!

Thank you!