VC Vigilant: seasoning with Crisco

Kenster Posted By Kenster, Oct 26, 2012 at 2:58 PM

  1. Kenster

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    I've found a few threads on the subject but can't quite figure out the correct process. I'd like to 'blacken' our Vig. I don't want to paint it and would prefer to go 'natural.' So, how does one go about it?

    Do I apply the Crisco to a cold stove, then fire it up? Or, start rubbing it into a warm OR hot stove?

    Is it necessary to get the stove temp up super high or will, say 450 degrees or so work.

    Would it be better to apply a very thin layer at a time? Rub in in good, wipe off the excess, let that cook in, then add another layer?

    I'd like to avoid a major smoking event, if possible. I'm thinking a powerful fan sitting near the stove, aimed at the nearest window, with a box fan in the window venting to the outside, should help keep the smoke to a minimum.

    Any suggests, advice, or warnings will be appreciated.

    Looking forward to my first burn of the season this weekend!

    Bellville TX
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    I have tried this and it is tough to get an even coating and it will burn off in really hot zones. On my larger stove I use lard, bacon grease and what ever spills over from cooking. The stove on my 2nd floor is painted with 2000 degree black paint and a coat of 2000 degree gloss and the stove looks much nicer. I burnt a fire outside in the stove for a few days to make sure all chemicals were gone. The painted stove looks nicer IMHO. good luck

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