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    Hi - I am shopping for a vent-free gas fireplace. Superior and Temco are the only "slim" fireboxes I have come across- which is a requirement I must meet- with a depth of 15" or less. However- both the Superior and Temco products come with their own logs. Do you have any opinions/comparisons on the appearance of the flames from Superior and Temco logs. Also- an opinion of the gas logs from Peterson. Although I haven't seen the Superior burning- I have seen Temco's and the Peterson logs. Peterson's logs look very nice- but I need to locate a firebox to put them in if I buy them. Any help there? Thanks for your help- and I love your web site.


    The Slim Temco is not the greatest looking flame..... You are correct that the Peterson is one of the best looking of the Ventless Logs...And- it is approved to go into the TEMCO firebox- but not into the thin one that you mentioned.There are some slim vented (direct vent to the outside) that have nice flames- including Mendota- Heat N Glo and more.I have not seen the Superior- but most vent-frees would not win any awards at a beauty contest.
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