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    I have recently bought a 100+ year old home. The last time it had been used the fireplace was burning a vented set of natural gas logs, but lately the fireplace had been neglected. Gas service had been cut and capped, rags shoved up the chimney opening, and the actual logs discarded. Before I can get it working again, I need some advise. Since the old gas log set is probably 10 years old or more, what are the chances that it will burn a realistic yellow flame? I have not been able to find any information on these older sets, but I fear that it may be a 'clean' blue flame. If the existing burner is yellow flame, where can I find replacement logs for it? Lastly, if it is necessary to replace the entire log set, where can I find a set that will fit the fireplace's rather shallow depth? It is only 12 inches deep.


    It would be my suggestions to purchase an entire new set. Even if that set is OK, the safety pilot control valves (if it has one) rarely last this long. Some newer sets will fit into a 12" depth...take a look at the RG6 series from Peterson. Another idea would be to install a 1 or 2" hood to extend the fireplace out front. This may allow use of a 13" deep model.
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