Vermont casting 2550. which color Green???

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New Member
Jan 6, 2024
Hey everyone im new here and just got an encore 2550 rebuilt and installed in our new to us home. the stove is green and i would love to know which green we have. i believe in the 2550 they had a classic green and a forest green. id love to get some warming Shevels as i think i may still be able to get them but i need to narrow down the color of my stove first. can anyone help me? hares a picture for what its worth but i think the greens are real similar, the date code is 2449 so im guessinf 244 day of 1999. thanks for any help!

Vermont casting 2550. which color Green???
It looks like classic green, but lighting can vary what we see. Maybe order some touch up paint to see if it's a match?
thanks that was my plan just order the classic green and see if it matches but i was hoping to narrow it down before taking a $40 dollar gamble. i can kick myself cause the stove came with a little jar but it was hard as a rock and i tossed it about a month before i found out they make 2 greens . thanks for the guess, it is hard to tell in pictures for sure
What a beautiful looking stove. I'm biased, I have a black 2550 I bought new in '02. Great stove.

My money is on classic green here. But $40 for a 1 oz. bottle of paint? That's crazy even for Vermont Castings. Noticed Mt. View has it for $24. They've kind of become my go-to source for supplies after my local dealer ghosted me one too many times.

By the way, I use my warming shelves daily. They also enhance the visual appeal of the stove.
well i got the classic green, took a month to get it and its way darker than my stove so i think i have the forest green color so now im going to try and source that color and see if it matches. i really want to order the warming trays and it appears i can still get them in forest gree which is that i think i have but i want to make sure before i drop $200 a side for the warming trays.