Vermont Castings Dauntless defect

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Jan 5, 2022
I bought a brand new VC Dauntless and the installer had to modify the adapter to the stove, ( which was suggested by the dealer) Why would anyone make a stove that you have to cut the adaptor so it can fit on the stove. I think it leaks smoke! I am so frustrated with this stove. Absolutely DO NOT BUY. I have asked VC to buy it back, what are the odds?
I get the feeling that a little more information would be needed. What adapter to the stove had to be modified? Was it the flue collar? What was wrong with it? Typically a leak wouldn't make it leak smoke, it would allow air in.

I am new to burning and wanted to get the Dauntless, but it was too big. I ended up going with the Intrepid. It is essentially the same stove, just a little smaller.

I had a bad install experience, but that was on the installer and was corrected. I can't necessarily fault the stove for anything. I had a couple back puffs and other things, but that was just a learning issue and haven't had it happen again. It has been running well and I have been feeding it not so great wood. When I get some good and dry wood it runs like a top.
Highly likely its the installer inexperience. Something like a flue connection dimension is not going to be something to get wrong by a factory.
Because this thread is on google when you research this issue, although I already have a separate thread on this that solves for this, Im adding what needs to happen here for those that come in here for the first time via google:

In short: You WILL need a single wall stove adapter AND a double wall. At least, if you are using Duravent double wall stove pipe. The single wall adapter model number is


and the double wall adapter model number is

IF you are just using single wall pipe, you wont need the double wall adapter as well, you should have no issues with your install.
If you are using double wall pipe:

First, the single wall stove adapter gets pushed as hard as you can inside the stove flue collar, then you use a rubber mallet to gently tap it to seat it further. You shouldnt see any of the flaring sticking up outside the stove, seated up to the seating 'rib'. It should be near impossible or really difficult to move this adapter out of the flue collar at this point. Next you place the double wall adapter on top of this. It doesnt seat snug, it just seats on top of then you screw that in. And then build your pipe up and out. Done.