Vermont Castings Defiant 1910 - Questions


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May 12, 2019
Mid Atlantic USA
Hi everyone. First post on this forum. I tried looking around a bit but could not find any threads that answered my questions. Hope someone here can help.

I have a defiant 1910 that I bought new in December of 2000. I have used it every year but I don't run it full time. Instead I just fire it up when it gets really cold so perhaps 1 - 2 cords a season. It's always worked fine and I have replaced some of the gaskets over the years. However I have never opened up the catalytic converter box or done any major maintenance. I have had the flue cleaned every other year and the general feedback from the chimney sweep is that the flue is pretty clean. I am lucky enough to have a good source for red oak and I usually season it for several months myself so the fuel source is pretty clean.

Anyway I am wondering if it's time to really go through the unit and replace parts or maybe even get a new one? I read that these can be pretty expensive to maintain. Are parts still available? I'm really open to suggestions including replacing the whole unit. What do you think? Thanks for any feedback.


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Nov 18, 2005
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Welcome. The main issue with the stove is that it is complex and has a fragile refractory chamber that breaks down. Some collateral damage can occur to other parts if this is not caught. That said, some folks really like this stove, just not the people that regularly service them. That's a shame because it is a very good looking stove.

For sure it should be gone through carefully and the cat most likely is due for a cleaning at least if not a replacement. Just do it very carefully with an understanding of the fragility of the refractory chamber it resides in.