Vermont Castings Encore 2040 rebuild instructions

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Aug 25, 2023
East Hampstead, NH
Hi I'm looking to rebuild my son's VC Encore 2040 woodstove. I have rebuilt a Vigilant that I currently use and have rebuilt 2 Defiant 1A1 stoves. My last rebuild of a Defiant was the 2nd time when the top had some cracks...I'm goint o replace the Vigilant with the rebuilt Defiant mostly cause I can stand top loads!!!

The Defiant had step by step instructions but I can't seem to fine anything on the 2040 outside of an exploded view and list of the parts.
There are several threads on this topic in this forum. Search on "Rebuild". Postings by @Diabel and @jharkin are very helpful.
What your looking for is the VC encore 2040 service manual.. I downloaded this probably 6 or more years ago.. Its on the net.. looks like the photo below

Vermont Castings Encore 2040 rebuild instructions
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