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    I have a question and if you could help that would be great. I have a 1983 Vermont Castings fireplace insert [w/ built in blower]. We need to have a positive flu connect installed since it was never installed w/ one. I have had 2 chimney contractors come in and each has had a different story as to how to do the job. I seem to remember that VC made a collar for these stoves and it was attached to the stove via a tightening screw or two and then a flex pipe up the chimney. [One has told me that VC is basically out of business and that is how I happened to come to this web site.] Neither has told me they have or can get the necessary collar to fit the flex-pipe to the top of the stove. One was going to have the collar fabricated.

    So the question where can I get a collar [the opening is 13 x 6 inches in the top of the stove? The flu damper opening is roughly 10 x 5. Both contractors were talking about breaking the damper frame out etc. & if it ever needed to be repaired well then big, big job. When I heard that I did get a bit nervous. Seems as though they were trying to make the hole fit the peg if you know what I mean. I live north of New York City people around here were supposed to be helpful.

    Your guidance and any help/ direction is greatly appreciated.


    Here's my two cents based on a little experience---you probably won't find that fireplace adaptor for the 1983 Model #0044 FPI . It's the proverbial needle in a haystack.

    Option "B" would be to make a cardboard template of the insert's cast iron flue collar, and another of the oval flue liner you are using to get through the damper, and have a custom stainless steel adaptor made by a local tin-knocker.

    If you have room through the damper and are using a round steel liner, then have the adaptor made as an oval to round with a tall transition (for better flow). And, please consider lining the entire chimney for better draft and easier cleaning.

    Caution: If you remove the damper altogether, then the damper area for fireplace will need repairs should you ever consider selling your home. A damper is a critical part of a safe and well functioning fireplace.

    I believe that you would save time and money by having the adaptor made. And, you would be assured of have a snug fit to your liner.
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