Vermont Castings Resolute II

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New Member
Oct 26, 2021
Good morning,
Just purchased a new to me Vermont Castings resolute II wood stove. Aside from needing a good cleaning on the inside there is some rust on the outside. My plan is to bring the stove back to life and with that being said I have some questions as my experience with wood stoves is virtually nil. I know that the gasket material around the top griddle and door needs to be replaced. In doing some research it appears that the gasket material for the griddle is 5/16" and am wondering if the one used on the door uses the same. The gasket around the flue are looks perhaps like a low density type gasket but have not been able to find it yet. I tried a wire brush on a small area and that seemed to remove the rust quite nicely. Is there a recommended cleaner that can be used to help facilitate rust removal that is specific for wood stoves? What about on the inside? On the inside bottom of the stove, there are what appear to be slots and I was wondering if fire bricks are intended to go there? I didn't see them on a few exploded drawings that I found. The handle on the door is missing of the wire frame. Seems like OEM equipment was a ceramic piece but could a wood handle be used as well? Any recommendations as to where I could procure such a piece? Lastly, would be nice to put in door glass. What are the recommendations in this case? I think the glass (perhaps 2 piece), gasket material sandwiched between a frame would be needed. ...I have attached some pictures as well. The rear firebrick is cracked. Would it be safe to assume this could be resolved in the interim with fireplace mortar?
Thank you

20211025_142553.jpg 20211025_142559.jpg 20211025_142613.jpg 20211025_142649.jpg 20211025_142722.jpg 20211025_142858.jpg 20211025_142905.jpg 20211025_142645.jpg


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2019
Long Island NY
I don't think the last pic is firebrick? I think it's a panel; and it's cracked indeed. It needs to be replaced.

Glass should not be regular glass, but some pyroceramic glass. Regular glass will crack.

Rust: wirebrush or (sand/soda) blasting, I think.

@Blazzinghot is restoring many stoves. Others on here too. I hope someone more knowledgeable than me will chime in.
Aug 27, 2021
the gasket for the doors are 5/16, the griddle is 5/16 with steel mesh. I would suggest replacing the fireback


Feeling the Heat
Nov 12, 2019
the fireback is in bad condition, maybe dangerous. the right side end looks clogged with ash or damaged. left side?


Feeling the Heat
Dec 5, 2019
New Plymouth, Idaho
I was looking at a stove similar to this to rebuilt but needed to many parts. Not to mention all the work it needed in rust removal. This same stove has been discussed before. The parts are spread out all over the place so it may be of help.


Minister of Fire
Nov 23, 2005
i don't think that stove came with fire bricks. you might be able to get away with one more season out of that fireback but it does need replacing. and clean out the three holes of that fireback so you can get air into the firebox


New Member
Oct 26, 2021
Thanks all for the advice. Been piecing together what I am going to need. Will be starting with exterior rust removal and gasket replacement followed by interior cleaning and replacement of the back firebrick panel. I think we'll forgo the door glass idea as while it is nice, I cannot justify the cost. The right side firebrick panel seems partially broken as it doesn't quite match the parts drawing. The left side is ok.