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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 29, 2007 at 4:20 AM

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    Hi I have a Vermont castings vent free gas stove in my basement with catalytic option and a glass covered front. It seems to work well,but the 1st few minutes it is lit it has a bad smell that smells up the whole house.After about 10 minutes it seems to smell and burn clean. Is there anything I can do to mask,reduce or eliminate this smell. I paid way to much for this thing to not use it or shuck it out. Appearance of the unit is pleasing and I would like to make it work. Any suggestions?


    There's a couple possibilities why that smell occurs. And, there's really not much you can do.
    First, there's a possibility that something within your house is being drawn into the stove naturally, and staying in the combustion zone, until it's burned off. Possibilities are pet hair, dust, or molds.
    Second, I've heard of the catalytic itself being the source of the odor----as it heats it passes off an odor but once it's activated, the odor ceases. This was a common complaint when the filter was first used in the Stardance & Radiance. However, I thought that it was corrected.

    Here's what to do. Remove the catalytic filter, and operate the stove a couple of different times. It's perfectly safe to operate without the filter. If you do not get that odor, you know the source. If the odor prevails, then it's something else like mentioned above, and you may have to live with it or eliminate those things that are contributing to the odor.

    Just so you know that they do work, I (Ken R.) also have a earlier model vent free VC model, and it's been operating perfectly for 5+ years.
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