Vermont Stove Company, Shelburne Insert 1981- how to remove

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New Member
Jun 3, 2023
Middlebury, VT
New to Vermont and firestoves. The home I bought has a Vermont Stove Company, Shelburne Insert 1981. I hope to replace it with an electric fireplace. Does anyone know how difficult it it to remove one from the fireplace insert? It will need to go to scrap yard sadly.

I can call the Chimney Sweep company but have slightly bad taste in mouth with them. It was inspected before closing, and I was told I need a new liner (approx cost $2000). Then I bought property, and asked for formal quote, and to schedule work, and then was told the fireplace has actually failed and I need entire new unit at approx $15,000. So not only do I not have $15K but I have lost some trust in that company so I am trying to see what I can do without them.

thank you!
Welcome. Removal shouldn't be too complicated. Can you post some pictures of the current installation so that we can see what you are up against? Did the report detail the actual failure issue(s) with the fireplace?
The chimney sweep didn't elaborate much- said "fireplace failure", then need new liner, must take unit out to see if can even get a new liner, then bottom of fireplace is broken apart and cracking so that needs significant work- so I think part of the cost is having to take unit out to start with to investigate whether it can even be repaired. I'd rather not spend a decent amount of money to pull out and investigate and then be told it's all junk. it's been there since 1981 and based on the rest of the property condition, the fireplace has not been well maintained. I don't know when the previous owner had a chimney sweep come out, if ever. Stove does not seem to have been used in quite some time.

Vermont Stove Company, Shelburne Insert 1981- how to remove
I would reserve judgment until the insert has been removed. If you don't want to burn wood, then the wiring will be the greatest installation expense. If you would like to burn wood, then putting in a modern insert and liner may not be as bad as the first quote. The insert just needs a level, non-combustible surface to install on. This might be accomplished with some cement board. The liner cost installation cost will depend on the height of the chimney and whether it is a simple install or if there are complications. But to costs could be as low as $5-6000 for the full install including the insert if that makes a difference.