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    I live in the UK and have just bought a Vermont Castings Vigilant II coal stove. The Manual that comes with it is intended for the American market. On page 3 it says that the stove has been set up to burn bituminous (soft) coal and that if you want (as I do) to burn anthracite (hard) coal, your dealer has to modify the stove -- the Manual doesn't goon to specify how.

    Can you throw any light on this section of the Manual? Is there something that I can do to the stove in order to burn anthracite ?


    In the States, there are many versions of coal. The more common bituminous, & versions of sub-bituminous have higher percentages of volatiles vs. fixed carbon. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the amount of combustion supply oxygen for those types of fuel. If you don't, you will have flames 4 feet tall going up the stack. I know as I witnessed the testings.

    I'm familiar with the coal that you have in the UK. You will need to remove the air plate in order to have proper operation. It's a simple 5 minute process.

    There is a removable air plate that is accessed under the grate system. The shiny rectangular plate is located inside, toward the back of the stove (not the sides). The air plate held in with one phillips head screw. You may need to access the plate via the ash pan door, or, just under the grates---I forget which is easier.

    In the States you are required to place a label on the stove stating that the stove has been converted. In the UK, that is your choice. I doubt that the stove will cross the pond again and wind up in the western U.S.

    Good luck!

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