Vista LE burning characteristics

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Dec 27, 2022
2nd year with the Vista and learned many things along the way regarding running an EPA stove. Got my top down starts to the point I can pinpoint close to cruising STT shutting air down in increments and reading the fire. Setting a timer if I’m distracted is also helpful. I find starting my cold start with two medium E/W splits on N/S sleepers of construction cutoffs with smaller splits placed diagonally on top and a pinecone with sticks from the yard lead to a successful fire.

Learned if I stack many splits E/W raking coals to the front it generates a slower cigar type burn which is longer burning but slower getting up to temp. Have to keep air open more. I see cruising temps around 550 doing this. If I put 3 splits E/W on a reload with a couple chunks N/S I getting a hotter fire around 650 because of the air gaps and exposed surface area of the wood.

I also learned what NOT to do when I had two splits placed apart E/W on a hot reload with 4x 12% oak chunks N/S that took off with a STT of 750 and climbing.

I load tighter now or use less fuel. Also reloads are mostly at a STT of 250-300.

Also learned this will heat a well insulated home well. Burn times for me are in the 4-5 hour area and I’m sure if I load it more closer to 6. Overall happy with the investment.

Last note; I found PE customer service very helpful. Also a shout out to ICC/Excel when I left a message and got a call back from Quebec. Both top notch companies.

Edit: thank you to all those that helped me with advice on this Forum.
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