Vogelzang/us stove co 3200 1week review

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Minister of Fire
Nov 21, 2021
Clinton county indiana
Ok so tonight it's warm so that should mean poor draft. So i took out all the tin foil and unsealed the boost air port. So everything is back to factory besides sealed ash plug. Bit I added a 3rd damper on my flue. So far stove has been running very weak and sluggish. Thus is good! With all that extra air plugged up and only 2 dampers last night she ran really hot. In similar outdoor temps. Tonight it's a whole different stove. I really hope 3 dampers is the final fix I'm tired of experimenting with this damn thing



Burning Hunk
Mar 3, 2006
Dang! Might as well add another just because. Going to be fun when you have to clean all of them.