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Timbo63 Posted By Timbo63, Dec 19, 2007 at 8:14 PM

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  1. Timbo63

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Long Island, N.Y.
    Need some info on installing a wall thimble, hopefully you can help..

    I am planning to install a VC Defiant NC 1610 wood stove in my finished basement,

    I am passing thru a metal framed wall and then thru a 10" foundation wall into to a masonry chimney. The stove requires a 8" pipe.
    The wall has cement board on one side.

    Do I need a thimble to pass thru the foundation wall or only the metal framed wall? And can the stove pipe pass thru the thimble and directly into the chimney breech? There is about a 2" space between the wall and the foundation.

    The chimney is not built yet.
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