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    Hi. I am a new home owner and have a wood stove in our sun room. The floor is tiled and the walls are not, to our knowledge "fire-proof". I know there is a special type of dry wall that you can put up that can with stand the heat of a wood stove. Is there any type of "shield that you can put behind the wood stove to reflect the heat so the wall are not getting hot and drying out. Any help would be appreciated. I really do not want to tear down the existing dry wall to put up the "fire proof" dry wall it I do not have to. I really would like some kind of shield/ screen to put behind the wood stove.??


    Actually, there is really no fireproof drywall that can be installed directly on wood studs and serve to reduce clearances. The only way to do this is to install a protector in front of the drywall. The most popular choices:

    1. Brick or stone, usually spaced out from the wall 1" - can reduce clearances by up to 2/3

    2. Sheet metal mounted on spacers 1" from wall - also a 2/3 reduction

    3. Wonderboard or Durarock cement board - Mounted 1" from wall - can be tiled or painted with certain paints - a 1/2 reduction

    Some codes differ in the exact amount of clearance reduction, however these are the National Fire Protection Association specs.
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