Wasp nest in chimney

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New Member
Feb 19, 2022
Monroe, CT
I recently had a wasp nest in my chimney that I sprayed. They were entering through a hole in the mortar. I assume that on the inside there is a nest between the brick and stove pipe (I have an inset). Should this be a concern to me? Or would it just quickly ignite and go up the original chimney?


Minister of Fire
Oct 18, 2011
Western PA
I'm not a pro, but I wouldn't worry. I'm betting the wasp nest has the mass of a couple of sheets of newspaper. If it catches between a pipe and brick there isn't much to worry about. Is there wood anywhere in the set up?
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Minister of Fire
Jun 5, 2015
Southeast CT
Not a pro either but I agree, very little to burn.


Staff member
They can get a little nutty when their food source goes away in the fall. If somebody in your household is allergic this can be something to worry about.

I don’t think you’re going to find a person who will dig it out of your chimney though. You may want to make sure it’s dead and doesn’t grow any more. Limiting the flammable material in your chimney is a good idea. I’ve taken out some pretty big nests. The largest was a 16” on center stud bay in a wall, packed from top to bottom.