WeatherShield Tallboy Installation

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New Member
Sep 22, 2021
New York
New here, with some questions about my installation of a Lindemann WeatherShield Tallboy in my air-cooled chimney pipe. I'm replacing the original square cap which was starting to rust-through a little. I've run a wood stove insert for about 20 years now, which had a 6" SS corrugated liner pipe added when that was installed. You can just barely see the top of it in the pics below - I had to shorten it a bit and didn't exactly cut it evenly. I'm wondering what the spec should be between the top of the pipe and the lid.

Right now, I've just got the whole cap assembly friction fit into the 10" pipe on the air-cooled chimney. The 3 straps don't seem to line up with anything I could positively fasten the cap to. Can I just silicone it at the various points of contact and call it good?

Lastly, I'm concerned about water intrusion. The hole for the chase cover is 17" while the bottom of the cap is 19". I realize it would take a near horizontal rain-fall to get in there, but I am at the top of a hill so we do get some wind up here. Thoughts?
ChimneyCapNew-1.jpg ChimneyCapNew-2.jpg