Well, after no burns for a week, now...??

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Minister of Fire
Oct 7, 2012
Northwest Lower Michigan
My lighting time varies considerably, always has. Same pellets, same performance once burning. Sometimes it seems it’s within seconds after the pot fills, other times it takes several minutes and almost the whole startup cycle. Smoking and sparking the whole time, igniter is fine. I always attributed it to the randomness of how the pellets fall. If one lands right over the igniter hole, they would probably start quick. If they landed to form a large pocket around the igniter hole, it would probably take much longer to ignite.


Feeling the Heat
Feb 13, 2012
I have a P43 it will start the burn on the left side. I guess I always just figured it was design. start burn in one spot kind of like a concentrated burn to get it going quicker. Also thought it may be due to how the igniter is placed and the air flow. I have not replaced my igniter so I am not sure how it is in there. Never paid attention when cleaning in there.

mine is going on 10 years old, goes through 3.5+ ton a year. I have replaced the combustion motor twice. Put a new wheel/fan witht he first change.