Well here we are again with our seasonal quad issues Help!

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Well with some guidance of a member that was nice enough to take the time, Ive learned that the stove only runs with the vac switch bypassed or jumped as u say. We bought a new vac switch btw and that didnt fix it so..... We thought we had a vacumm leak as we have never changed our door gasket, Pictured here is our new gasket installed. Sadly it didnt help....still the same thing. Only starts up when vac switch has been jumped. We have checked the vaccum line and ports and like mentioned added new vac switch.
Any one know of where else there could be a vac issue. Yes we have cleaned the stove two weekends ago i removed it from the exhaust pipe and throughly cleaned everything....removed all the panels sides and rear, and all bricks. Some folks have mentioned about some gasket under the burn pot, but our manual shows no such thing. Ive even googled our model and cant find any piks of a gasket under the pot. Our stove is older model so that must be a newer thing i suppose. Same as the air wash location. Ours is up top not on the bottom.

If we cannot figure this out we are going to try to sell it. if any one local is interested. Obviously has many new parts, Igniter works perfectly....new snap discs, new auger, new vac switch and new door gasket. Shame we cant figure this stove out because when it does run it makes really good heat. THe last few years have been troubling for sure. We do not know alot about this kinda stuff , hence why we joined here. Im sure some one with a vac guage and more know how could fix this in a jiffy but im afraid we are out of wheel house at this point. I hate to even give up on it now that we really know the stove. Just out of parts to through at it, at this point.

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Don't know anything about your Quad. From your description I would check the wiring to and from the vac switch and where it hooks to the control board.
thank you... very interesting reads there. I had to run my serial number to make sure where my air wash was suppose to be as they did change it around 05 and we bought the stove used. Its supposed to be on the top for that serial number, newer models are on the bottom I may try to seal it up to see if its too much of a vacuum leak there? I also need to try to start the stove on med instead of low. Ive read today some guys say its an issue.
I've had a few of these stoves with the same problem and there was build-up of ash in the tube between the exhaust fan and the exhaust pipe outlet of the stove. I have also found ash build up at the exhaust There should be a trap door at the exhaust motor outlet. blower entrance.
Have you checked out the leaf blower trick to clean stove, leaf blower must have the vacuum function as you actually suck the stove clean.

Have you checked out the leaf blower trick to clean stove, leaf blower must have the vacuum function as you actually suck the stove clean.

my stove exits straight up from the roof, I did get up on my roof this fall and used a brush to clean my pipe, also removed the stove and did the T and back of stove, removed panels vacummed everything including the fans. So i feel pretty confident its clean. FIrst time ive cleaned my exterior pipe btw. Wasnt even that dirty. I was suprised.
Saga continues, Odered a combustion fan as it appears to be original. Last hurrah, Have taken everyones advice on here and we appreciate all of it, some members really went above and beyond to help us. Stove fires with vac box jumped, but lazy flame and alot of smoke inside the stove and out the exhaust pipe outside. Thinking maybe the fan is worn, working but not effiecient enough for vacuum.

Thankfully it warmed back up, hopefully the blower comes before the next cold wave. Weve decided with the combustion fan and the computer box the only two things we havent changed, we would try a blower but then thats it. Not worth putting the control box in it at this age of stove nor can we afford it. Think we will list it for sale on line and see if anyone has the willing ness to mess with it. gotta alot of new parts on it anyway. This late in the game we will have to try to find a deal on another used one. for next season
I see you are in PA, if it drops really low as it did last week and the stove is still not operational and it's a main source of heat, I could probably let you borrow my Quadrafire. Of course if we are within reasonable distance of one another. I just have it heating my garage and master bedroom right now.
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Update on our quad.
Received combustion fan yesterday, put it in this morning before work. We have a fire and I did not need to jump the vac switch so im thinking this was the problem all along.
Its still not firing up as fast as it has in the past. Still need to hit the reset button a few times to get it going but it did start all on its own this morning...Flame looks good too. Hopefully when I get home this evening its still going. Luckily its warmed up around here. I took of pik of the igniter so if anyone has any opinions of what is looks like or should look like feel free to express your opinion To me it looks like it always has.

Well here we are again with our seasonal quad issues  Help!