What are these buggers from a fresh cut tree?

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Nov 22, 2022
Picked up my neighbors fresh cut tree. Just noticed these little things today. They barely move. What are they? Any precautions to take?

I just realized the black spot in the se one pic is a hole bunch of them. I thought it was rottting wood!
Until you said they moved, I was thinking mouse turds.

Was it really cold when they were barely moving? If they jump when it’s warmer, maybe springtails. They feed on mold. Inside a tree could be a happy place for them. No idea other than that.
They look like snow fleas, a type of springtail. Harmless, just feed on organic matter. Probably didn’t come from the wood. They’re just around and wind up on everything.
Yup, they look like snow fleas. This explains what I saw hiking on the wood/snow. Thry where jumping like dog fleas. Pulled my dog back real quick
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