Where to buy glass for a Buck Stove 26000? (ideally "textured" style)

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May 20, 2018
Joshua Tree, California
Hello fellow burners
I'm hoping that y'all can help me out.
We have a Buck Stove 26000... I guess it's called the "Little Buck" but I don't see why. This thing is big and heavy. :)
Last night, I managed to break the glass in the door.
I need to get a new piece and was hoping that someone here would have a good source.
We have one piece that is perfectly clear...just like window glass, but the other one is "textured" so that you can't see through it completely clearly. You can actually "feel" the texture in the glass. This is the glass that we would ideally like to get. But I guess the common totally clear glass is fine too.
Thanks for your help!!!


Minister of Fire
Sep 24, 2008