Which joints to seal/cement a Jotul 118B?

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Nov 15, 2015
Timberlake, NC
I recently bought a Jotul 118B in very good condition, however, it came in pieces and I've never put a woodstove together. I believe i have the right sealants and cements (though any thoughts on brands, etc would certainly be welcome) but am not sure which joints to caulk. All of them, including the bottoms where the sides meet the base? Just the corners? Do I caulk the rope gasket in or just lay it in the channel? Pretty basic questions I know but I can't seem to find a good guide and I want to do it right.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Winter is coming.
Side seams and side to bottom seams get cemented. Rutland furnace cement will work or try Hearthstone's stove cement. The gasket get a different gasket adhesive. I usually use Meeco's gasket cement, but Rutland makes one too. Squish the tube well before opening to mix the ingredients. The ingredients separate while sitting on the shelf. Follow directions for each product and don't rush it.

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