Who else hates getting on the roof?

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Bad LP

Minister of Fire
Nov 28, 2014
Northern Maine
I just had a formed on site standing seam metal roof installed. 6:12 transitions to a 12:12. Guys wear New Balance sneakers only. Other brands just don't work they told me. They also were not shy on using old wooden ladder sections during the install. They had sections of large diameter fire hose on the wood to prevent scratching the metal and they used flange style Vice Grips clipped onto the seams to hold the ladders in place as they worked there way up to the ridge. ME? I'm not willing to go up there for any reason.

When I was on the FD the town bought a brand spanking new million dollar E-ONE 100' ladder truck. In training one night a Lt asked me if I wanted to be approved for working off the ladder. "No way" was my response. He then got nervous and asked if I'd run the truck (I was already the driver training instructor) and replied I'll put that truck anywhere it will fit but I'm not climbing that stick!!

Never really had a fear of heights or getting on a roof until I hit 45yo or so but now at 60 I just don't like getting on the roof or climbing a 40 footer. I'm OK till about 24 feet but I really prefer a man lift now.