Why are pacific energy wood burning stove

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The cost was great, they burn well, they heat well, built like a tank so some cya if you mess up
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I didn’t mean to infer any bs.

Why does anybody like anything? It meets their needs. Would another stove do the same as my T5? I’m sure of it. Look at all the people who like Blaze Kings.

Stoves are tools. I drive a Ram, would a Ford work? I’m sure. My house is a cape. Would a colonial work? I’m sure.
Pacific Energy is a leader in the secondary combustion stove design. They have worked very hard and spent plenty of money to continually refine their products. Within the industry they are very much appreciated for the contributions to industry.

Their products are highly regarded for those that appreciate both the form and function of their products. They also have a strong past owner loyalty. I also know they stand behind their products.

That's why people appreciate the company & their products.

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