Why do the roadway plow drivers go over the same areas that are already plowed?

jtp10181 Posted By jtp10181, Jan 13, 2010 at 11:43 PM

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    Ours are much the same way, with a not to different process - but with the exception of the "snow & ice" budget, the amounts proposed are supposed to be the amounts that will be spent - barring post budget situation changes like "special needs" children moving into town, or unexpected failures in buildings and / or systems sorts of things...

    Of course if there are any surplus funds, they seem to do a great job of finding "urgent" things to spend them on :coolmad:

    Understandably, the Snow & Ice budget is unpredictable since we don't know how much bad weather we'll get, when, and so forth, but IMHO the current method is badly broken, as the amount budgeted is KNOWN to be grossly inadequate, with no effort to even get close to the expected... I forget the exact numbers offhand, but for the last several years they have been budgeting a flat number, around $10K, even though we've NEVER ended up under $25K, and more typically end up in the $30-50K range. Seems to me like what we should be budgeting is more on the order of the average of the previous 5 years actual expenses, plus the increase in the cost of supplies like sand and salt...

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